MM Company launches Caleido innovative editorial project

MM Company, creative consulting agency, launches Caleido: an innovative editorial project born to explore the visionary universe of MM Company and share it with its network of professionals in the fields of fashion, design, architecture, interior design and the arts.

caleido diary progetto editoriale innovativo

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Not only a magazine or a blog: the editorial part of CALEIDO DIARY is in fact flanked by CALEIDO SHOP, an e-shop which will sell research products and pieces from the COLLEZIONE CALEIDO, a brand of self-produced objects, made in collaboration with Italian craftsmen.

caleido diary progetto editoriale innovativo

The creative and, at the same time, pragmatic approach that distinguishes the agency is aimed at including and integrating in a multifaceted way the many facets of reality, and then offers them to the clients in the form of projects. From this spirit, which MM Company defines as “kaleidoscopic”, Caleido was born, an original integrated communication platform, conceived as a diary that, like a cahier de voyage (travel diary), is gradually enriched with various elements that, each in its own way, contribute to shaping a true creative exploration:

An editorial part called DIARY: interviews that will tell stories about people and places, notes, reflections, insights into the creative universe that surrounds us and thematic trend reports – many of which are also available as podcasts on the Caleido channel on Spotify (in Italian language) / Read here the Editor’s letter dedicated to the Diary.

CALEIDO SHOP: an e-shop that offers for sale a selection of objects of design research, unique pieces collected all over the world and some of the products designed by MM Company for the clients / Read here the Editor’s letter dedicated to Caleido Shop.

COLLEZIONE CALEIDO: a brand of objects, designed and self-produced by MM Company, which will be made by selected Italian craftsmen.

#caleidoesceil3: monthly newsletter by caleido

The contents of the world of Caleido (Caleido Diary, Caleido Shop, Collezione Caleido), always available on the website, are also shared in advance with the readers of Caleido/MM Company through a monthly Newsletter, sent on the 3rd of each month.

Each Newsletter is conceived as a real issue, and also includes a digital cover dedicated to the main content of that month. To access the archive of the Caleido Newsletters click here

caleido diary progetto editoriale innovativo

The creative and cultural value is the core of Caleido’s world, and for this reason each declination of the project is aimed at deepening and telling the many facets of the community of people who dedicate their lives to the creation and dissemination of cultural content. A society of artists, designers, photographers, artisans, curators, communicators, creatives who, with their works, add value to the world in which we live. Their stories are the protagonists of all the channels of Caleido: in the editorial part with interviews and in-depth analysis on what we are curious about, entering the companies and interacting with the protagonists of “our” world; in the e-shop with the selection of products with a high creative value and excellent know-how, too often hidden behind the scenes; in the Collezione Caleido thanks to the creation of products with a strong design component and the careful choice of the Italian craftsmen who create the objects: masters who make manufacturing and cultural excellence their manifesto.

caleido diary progetto editoriale innovativo
Caleido is an original publishing system: an itinerant destination for creative minds. A place where to deepen, discover and be inspired. The kaleidoscope as a symbolic image that, with greater intensity, tells the vision of MM Company. Caleido is one of the rooms in Webquarters, the MM Company’s digital house.

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