Kaleidoscopic vision of MM Company

At MM Company we’ve created a creative philosophy: we take into consideration the most heterogeneous perspectives, starting from what we feel closest to us, as art, fashion, design, food, sports, music and culture. This is what we call kaleidoscopic vision.

MM Company is a creative, rational and focused interpreter. The internal team, the only interlocutor of the client, defines the strategy, manages the work and coordinates the work of all professionals involved. A group of people always in search of a heterogeneous universe of cultures and skills, capable of reviving intellectual curiosity and interpreting the evolution of contemporary society.

Oladimeji Odunsi @ Unsplash

What we have developed is a working method that combines creativity, technique and organization, always aimed at the improvement of the entire process of consolidation of the brand in the market, rather than at single elements. We offer to our clients a comprehensive business support service. A creative kaleidoscopic analysis able to go beyond simple beauty. The contemporary society represents, for us, a source of continuous inspirations to be integrated in a kaleidoscopic vision that connects areas such as fashion, art, design and food. MM Company embraces these perspectives, reworks them and then offers them to the clients in the form of projects.


“Our studio is a white box, a neutral container of color palettes and design studies, which tells us what it means to work continuously mixing knowledge and fields of application. Our strength lies precisely in this: when we do graphic projects we imagine them as if we were designers and photographers, when we design objects, it is our graphic and material eye that guides us”.

Marco Magalini, Creative Director

When we work for a fashion client we let ourselves be inspired by what we have seen in the previous edition of the design week or in a gallery in Rio de Janeiro, and when we make a photo shoot for a furniture catalog the focus is on the trends of the catwalks. Eclecticism, versatility and contamination allow us to move with ease between art direction, coordinated images and product.

A complete vision at 360 degrees: this is what we call kaleidoscopic and that leads us in our job as creative consultants. Click here to discover more >

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“Our office has become our home, an epicenter of our action that has often created work-life confusion. It is the place of action of our creative couple, in which we discuss projects at the table and often in the courtyard throwing out the trash. Sometimes arguing, chiseling away at each other until we come to a synthesis, perhaps after days of fighting, alternating with endless Netflix sessions.”

Manuel Barbieri, co-founder

Want to know more about our creative universe? Welcome to Caleido, the editorial project curated by MM Company. An inspirational diary, that narrates many stories: about creative people, trends, travels, objects. A place where to deepen, discover and be inspired.

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