Digital creative direction: the brand experience is online

At MM Company one of our services is digital creative direction, namely the strategic management and coordination of all the digital activities of a brand. Sometimes even working alongside the art director who is already in charge of our client’s “traditional” activities.

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At MM Company our core business is the creative direction of brands, i.e. managing and coordinating all their creative activities. From strategic consultancy; to the creation of the corporate identity and coordinated image both offline and online; from the management of digital platforms – website, funnel, social media and newsletter – to the conception and production of advertising campaigns, writing of all texts, photo and video services; to the design of objects, spaces, stands, shop windows and installations. Some brands come to us to carry out only some of these activities, but others entrust us with the entire creative direction. In this case we can devote ourselves to the company in a transversal and all-embracing way, operating at 360 degrees on the whole creative system, strengthening its identity and positioning.

In addition to the entire creative direction, one of the services that is particularly useful today for the brands we work with is DIGITAL CREATIVE DIRECTION. This is the strategic management and coordination of all the digital activities of a brand.

In fact, it happens that a brand already collaborates with a figure who is entrusted with “traditional” art direction activities (such as the art direction of catalogues, trade fair stands and collections), and chooses MM Company for the creative direction of the set of purely digital activities. In this case, we approach our work with a team spirit that distinguishes all the declinations of our agency.

Direzione creativa digitale: la brand experience è online

Let’s think of all the digital platforms in which a brand today operates: websites, e-commerce, apps, social networks, newsletters. Each of them has its own specificity, but they certainly have to connect (to perform at their best) and speak a single language (visual, communicative, expressive). They are in fact the mirror of a single brand, and as such must be perfectly in line with its DNA.

Turning to us for the creative digital direction of your company means entrusting us with a set of services such as strategic consulting, creation and settings of all platforms (such as websites, e-commerce, apps, social networks and newsletters); content creation (graphics, photos, videos, texts) and platform management (programming, publication, creation of sponsored campaigns, seo activities, newsletter sending, analysis and reporting, tracking).

Direzione creativa digitale: la brand experience è online

We are not alone in this. By our side, we have identified specialised partners with whom we collaborate on an ongoing basis, in order to accompany our clients in strengthening their digital activities. But why entrust MM Company with the management of your company’s creative digital direction? For us there are at least 4 reasons:

1. we take care of the entire creative direction, we are not a web agency

We are accustomed to dealing with the complete and ramified management of a brand’s creative activities. As a result, we have a transversal, 360-degree view of a project, which helps us understand its many facets and connect all the activities to be implemented.

2. we provide advice and strategy, not just execution

While we apply an established working method, each project is unique in that it is the result of a long process of study and analysis of the brand and its interconnections with the market in which it operates. Our approach is both creative and pragmatic, capable of including and integrating the many facets of reality in a kaleidoscopic way.

3. we are a widespread agency: we are the coordinator, supported by specialised partners

MM Company is a rational and focused creative interpreter.
The agency’s internal team is the client’s unique interlocutor and is responsible for organising the projects, defining the strategy, managing the workflow and coordinating the professionals involved. They are involved in individual projects in full consistency with the client’s identity and business strategies.

4. we have a boutique approach: care, method and spirit of excellence

In every expression and relationship, we are oriented towards excellence. A mindset that seeks perfection in consultancy – which is the result of quality research, in-depth study and a critical spirit – in work, organisation, budget optimisation and workflow management, continually refining and surpassing what has already been achieved.

In order to translate online the brand experience that a client is used to in the physical dimension, a transfer is not enough, a rethink is needed. A reinterpretation able to extend and reinforce the opportunities for meetings between brands and customers, exploiting all the analytical and relational resources made available by digital platforms.

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