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In this short text I tell you about the DNA of the Diary section of Caleido. This Covid could have blocked us, demoralised us, broken us up. At times, it made us feel small, perhaps alone, but always a warrior. By standing together, united, ready to defend ourselves, in MM Company we found the strength to fight it and, indeed, to use this difficult moment to do something we had been planning for some time. The world was undergoing one of the greatest changes ever (as President Mario Draghi pointed out, it was not a ” blackout” that would restore the previous status quo) and we, along with it, had to change. For the good of ourselves, of the MM team, of our company. We created Webquarters (a new website concept, click here to read more), reinvented our creative MM Award (click here to read more), but, above all, we created Caleido (click here to read more).

We have always believed that it is important to be in touch with other people, to share our experiences, knowledge, stories. And never before have we felt the desire to connect with other creatives in order to discover stories about people and places, thoughts, objects and journeys. Strengthened by this spirit, we conceived Caleido as an editorial project (a return to the origins, for those who know us well): a sort of diary that would tell our kaleidoscopic vision of reality (from this adjective, a bit outdated, but very evocative, comes the name Caleido), integrated in an indissoluble way with the community of creatives that surrounds us.

The Diary, like a cahier de voyage (travel diary) consists of several parts, the headings:

PEOPLE: interviews with creatives we find interesting. 10 questions, asked during an open and spontaneous conversation, which allow us to get to (digitally) meet the guest. The personal narrative style of the answers and the images (taken by the editorial team from the interviewee’s social networks) allow the reader to find out more about the creative person in question, transforming the reading into an all-round learning experience.

SCENARIO: thematic in-depth studies by interesting and like-minded people who investigate issues related to our contemporary society. These contributions are intended to inspire the readers’ creativity and stimulate their reflection and cognitive exploration.

POSTCARDS: travel postcards that are figuratively collected in the Diary. Each of them refers to a journey made by the guest of the column, who shares with Caleido photos (taken by himself) and reflections related to that particular experience.

BAZAAR: articles that explore the universe that revolves around the products on sale in the Caleido Shop: meeting the founders of the brands and the people involved in the project, recounting the journeys in which we recover the Objets Trouvés (vintage objects on sale in the Shop), visiting the production workshops.

FROM MM COMPANY and FROM MM AWARD: in-depth articles that look in detail at the work of MM Company, the creative consultancy agency and curator of Caleido and the MM Award, MM Company’s international creative award to honour and promote the most promising talents and brands in the fields of fashion, product and interior design.

COLLEZIONE CALEIDO: articles about Collezione Caleido, the brand of objects curated by the creative consultancy agency MM Company and made in collaboration with Italian craftsmen.

TRENDS REPORTS: working for important brands in the product and fashion design, MM Company has developed a strong experience in trend forecasting and market studies. In this section we share the Trend researches we have developed (some of which are also available in digital Trend Book format, downloadable for a fee).


To make the digital experience of the Diary more engaging and enjoyable, many of the articles are also enriched by an audio version, with the voices of the people from MM Company’s internal team who worked on the project, or guest contributors to the various columns.


All the recordings are also uploaded in Italian language to the Caleido Podcast channel on Spotify (click here to access). This platform allows you to experience the Diary in a different way: by listening.

#caleidoesceil3: monthly newsletter by caleido

The contents of the world of Caleido (Caleido Diary, Caleido Shop, Collezione Caleido), always available on the website, are also shared in advance with the readers of Caleido/MM Company through a monthly Newsletter, sent on the 3rd of each month.

Each Newsletter is conceived as a real issue, and also includes a digital cover dedicated to the main content of that month. To access the archive of the Caleido Newsletters click here

Welcome to Caleido, a travelling destination for creative minds. A peaceful refuge where you can read and listen, deepen, explore, discover and be inspired. The kaleidoscope as a symbolic image that, with greater intensity, tells the vision of MM Company.
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